Top 5 Foods Like ‘The Stuff’ and How They Will KILL You

The Stuff (1985)

Having recently watched the 1985 horror movie “The Stuff” for our podcast, I was interested to find out what other depraved foods may have inspired ‘The Stuff’. These are everyday foods that pretty much everyone has consumed at one point in their life, and if you are reading this then you were one of the lucky ones to not become a victim of their murderous nature.

Ice Cream

Ice cream certainly matches the look of the stuff, and even some of the substance props or stand-ins for the “real” Stuff used in the film included lots of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. So how can Ice Cream kill you?

By brain freeze, of course! As the Rock City Times states…

Brain freeze happens when nerves in the roof of the mouth sends signals to the brain that it is becoming too cold. As a result the brain attempts to warm itself by constricting blood flow through vessels in the brain.

“Typically brain freezes last only 30-45 seconds, the brain realizes the mistake and begins allowing blood flow back through,” Dr. John Day, a UAMS neurosurgeon, tells us. “It appears in this case, because she kept eating the ice cream the brain never corrected the mistake and her brain overheated. This should be a lesson to stop eating the moment an ice cream headache begins.”

Remember that the next time you’re eating a heaping bowl of ice cream.

The Stuff


Häagen-Dazs yogurt was used in many of the scenes in the production of this movie.

Yogurt is generally considered a healthy snack or meal and is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. While it’s extremely rare, one way yogurt can kill you is by Botulism. In 1989 an outbreak of foodborne botulism occurred in the United Kingdom affecting 27 people and even causing the death of 1.

Keep that in mind the next time you’re trying to get your fill of probiotics.

The Stuff

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream, often served as topping on cakes and pies, very much matches the aesthetic of ‘The Stuff’, but before you dig in, beware!

In 2017 a young fitness blogger was tragically killed when a whipped cream canister exploded. The siphon of the canister exploded out and crashed into the young woman’s chest causing cardiac arrest.

Remember this story when you think you need the whipped cream on top of your sundae.

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The Stuff

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Okay, I admit Mayonnaise is a bit of stretch, but aesthetically it does match the look of ‘The Stuff’

While Mayonnaise itself might not directly kill you, you may want to keep an eye on its container. And most importantly don’t use it as step stool!

In 2012 a man died after falling off a bucket of mayonnaise and stabbing himself in the heart with an electric drill.

As the Daily Mail says…

“He had been balancing with one foot on the bucket and the other on a table.

As he fell his left shoulder hit a wall and the drill, which was in his hand, was pressed into his chest.”

The Stuff


Milk: Most people grow up drinking it and while some people have allergies to milk, milk can be even more devious in nature.

In 2015 a man drowned in milk when he was driving a tanker and his vehicle fell into a ditch and ruptured the tank.

According to The Trent Online:

“The police in Shivamogga district of the south-western state of Karnataka said the driver was unable to climb out and drowned before residents arrived.”

In conclusion, if it’s white, creamy, and delicious you may want to avoid it! Otherwise, you chance becoming a victim of some of these ‘Stuff’ like foods!

Let us know what foods terrify you in the comments and make sure you check out our podcast episode on The Stuff!

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